The early years are divided into two periods. The years 1952 to 1955 were the years when the School had access to the SWAC computer that was built under a grant from the National Bureau of Standards and operated by the Numerical Analysis Research Project at UCLA. Computer time was freely available and a few faculty and students from the School took advantage of this to learn about this new phenomenon of an electronic computer. More details are given in the link to SWAC under the timeline.

     The years 1956-1966 were the decade of the School's custodianship of large IBM computers in the Western Data Processing Center (WDPC) that was established jointly between UCLA and IBM. Computer time was freely available not only to the School but to all departments on the UCLA campus as well as other four year accredited colleges and universities in the Western States, Alaska,and Hawaii, that made application to become a Participating Institution. More details are given in the link to WDPC under the timeline.

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