AndersoNet Central Network Room

far left:  Ntrique CDROM servers on
Left rack:  Modems (rack mounted and individual boxes)
Network control monitor with Sun Solaris Server below it
Token ring switch for Library Network connection to AndersoNet
Nortel/BayNetwork ATM Switch to right of monitor

Above monitor:  Storage arrary for Sun server
Middle rack, stackable hub above ATM switch
Right rack top:  Patch panel, Mac Server Monitor with network router below it
Far right:  HP Netservers Storage

Patch panel, Mac server monitor, and Mac Servers.
Note the 4" conduit with cabeling from high in the ceiling.  There are about 24 such conduits entering this room from throughout the Anderson complex.

Right:  Air conditioning unit
Left:  Free bonus added by architects:  the water pipes which should have been on the other side of the wall.  Any leaks would put us under water!