Suggestions on How to Use the Math Olympiad Contest Problem Books (Volumes 2 and 3)

Jason Frand, PhD, Math Olympiad Coach


Problem solving is what you do when you don’t know what to do!

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Solving math problems requires practice, practice, practice, just like learning to play a piano, be good at soccer, or any other worthwhile goal.  Take it slowly and be patient with making progress.  There are no easy problems in this book.  Your goal should be to learn as much as you can while gaining mathematical problem solving experience.  Think of getting a correct answer  as a bonus.  Most important – even though these are very hard problems, doing them should be FUN and CHALLENGING!!!

Here are some suggestions on using the book:

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Jason Frand, PhD.
Math Olympiad Coach and
Los Angeles County-wide Math Olympiad Tournament Chairperson
Linwood Howe Elementary School
Culver City Unified School District
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Retired
Assistant Dean and Director, Retired
UCLA Anderson School of Management
prepared May 6, 2015
Updated May 27, 2015