Management 271C
Managerial Implications of
Emerging Information Technologies

Supplemental Readings

Isaac Asimov's Robot and Foundation series, provide one perspective on the long term future. Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, and The Robots of Dawn give most interesting glimpse of future societies. The Foundation Series is just lots of fun!

  1. Complete Robot
  2. Caves of Steel
  3. The Naked Sun
  4. The Robots of Dawn
  5. Robots and Empire
  6. Currents of Space
  7. The Stars, Like Dust
  8. Pebble in the Sky
  9. Prelude to Foundation
  10. Foundation
  11. Foundation and Empire
  12. Second Foundation
  13. Foundation's Edge
  14. Foundation and Earth

List compiled from Foreword to Prelude to Foundation, more or less in "chronological order.".

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Last Updated January 27, 1996