Management 404 Information Systems
Fall 1999
Jason L. Frand, Instructor
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Course Overview

  Given the lack of a great crystal ball to answer all these questions, this Mgmt 404 Information Systems class will explore business models which support the competitive use of computer, communication, and information technologies, and looks at one technology area, communications (including the Internet and WWW), in some details.

Two major themes regarding computer, communication, and information technologies will be covered in the course:

Managerial use: computer, communication, and information technologies play a dual role, both as a major enabler of change as well as a powerful force driving change. The value of these technologies is in their ability to enable organizations to compete more effectively. We will explore technology industries, and the (vertical) markets which they are both serving and transforming. We will use business models to evaluate the impact of the technologies and plan their strategic use. These goals will be accomplished through the extensive use of cases, student research papers, and guest speakers.

Personal use: computer, communication, and information technologies support and enhance the learning process by students demonstrating mastery of a breadth of skills including data modeling and simulation; electronic-communications, collaborative work, and meeting support; information management, search, and retrieval; and integrated text and graphics tools. Competency with this array of skills is gained through training and ongoing use. A series of class assignments will provide this practice.
E-commerce ProjectA major course project will be to develop a prototype e-business (complete with starter web site).  This project brings both major themes together in a practical application formal.

PrerequisitesThe class is an introduction to managerial computing, its terminology and technology;  those with a technology background may find the some aspects of the course very basic.

Objectives (or what you should take away)

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

Suggested reading for understanding potential "ultimate" impact of information technologies, any of the books in the Robot Series by Isaac Asimov.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
May 13, 1999