A Guide to the History of Computing at UCLA Graduate School of Management 1980-2002 Timeline

Jason Frand

Introduction to this history.
A Case Study of the 1981-86 Microcomputerization of GSM

Clay Sprowl's 1950-1980 history


1980 Jason Frand appointed director GSM Computing Services

The Computing environment:  key punch to terminals
1982 First Hewlett-Packard Minicomputer Grant:  HP3000/44
1983 First microcomputer lab: HP125s
1984 55 HP150 microcomputers installed; HP3000 upgraded; Lotus and dBase introduced; faculty offices wired to HP3000
1985  Laptops provided to EMBA students: HP110s

$2 million Management of Information Systems (MoIS) grants from IBM;  IBM XT lab created (with Token Ring network); 
1986 Ashton-Tate Framework II adopted as software standard for instructional program

100% GSM building wired with RS232 twisted pair to AT&T data switch installed linking faculty offices to both the IBM 3090 and HP3000
1987 100% faculty have desktop computers
1988 GSM becomes UNIX environment with replacement of HP3000 by HP9000/850 

Apple Macintosh II lab created (with Ethernet network)

100% staff have desktop computer

MS Excel adopted
1989  AGSMail critical mass of users achieved
1992 Apple PowerBooks required of all EMBA and FEMBA students
1995 Moved to new fully-networked complex:  ATM backbone

First Anderson Web site posted
1996 Laptop computers required of all full-time MBAs
1998 Formal integration of Computing Services with Management Library creating new organization:  Anderson Computing and Information Services.
1999 100 Gigabyte of online storage provided on network
2001 Upgraded network to gigabit backbone

Disconnected modem pool;  ISP access only
2002 1 Terabyte online storage capability 

November 1, 2002
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